Immediately following claiming good-bye so you’re able to Annie, who intentions to stay behind, Pieck and you may Reiner join the Questionnaire Corps

Immediately following claiming good-bye so you’re able to Annie, who intentions to stay behind, Pieck and you may Reiner join the Questionnaire Corps

The reunion are quick-stayed, although not, if it is showed that Eren and also the Source of the way of life number one another endured Armin’s sales

Hange provides them with the chance to stand at the rear of, although one or two demand that they’re continued before end. Plans for departure are disrupted by Floch, which injuries the latest boat’s fuel tank, necessitating going back to repairs to-be complete. As Eren’s Titans get to Odiha, Hange stays at the rear of to hold him or her from if you are Pieck and the anyone else board the latest ship and depart. [68]

Since the remaining portion of the group plunge on the boat, Pieck grabs brand new explosives and you may drags her or him out from the vessel together

Because flying ship reaches Eren it comes lower than fire of new Beast Titan. Changing midair, Pieck transports the brand new explosives within her Titan’s mouth area while you are this lady comrades engage the newest Beast Titan. [69] They make short functions of the Beast, but Zeke isn’t utilized in the nape. Pieck therefore the group refuge giving Armin room to alter and you may learn Zeke’s area towards blast, but they are overtaken from the an armed forces away from Titans which initiate producing atop Eren’s Titan. Levi devises a decide to help save your, however, Pieck demonstrates new Titans he could be facing was former inheritors of your own 9 Titans. Comprehending that Eren can make an infinite number out-of Titans, Pieck tries to rush so you’re able to his nape on her behalf very own and you can make use of the explosives in order to eliminate your. She seems to set the brand new explosives around his nape, but before she will put them of, the lady Titan will get impaled by Lara Tybur’s Conflict Hammer Titan. [70]

Leaving her Titan, Pieck quickly transforms once again and you can kills the battle Hammer Titan. She uses their Titan to help you eliminate nearby Titans assaulting Jean, before ejecting regarding the lady Titan as it’s ripped aside. Transforming once more in the midair, Pieck shows you so you can Jean that Cart Titan’s survival efficiently lets the girl to convert as often because the she wishes, basically enabling the lady unlimited opportunities to endeavor the brand new Titans spawning doing him or her. Jean attempts to achieve the explosives Pieck left on Eren’s nape it is cut off of the a whole lot more Titans, and you will Pieck sullenly acknowledges that actually the lady show commonly adequate to pay off an approach to the fresh explosives. [71]

Pieck’s regeneration performance arrived at its restriction and then leave the woman struggling to fix the lady injuries, requiring Jean to go back and you may save your self this lady. Jean tries to refuge so you’re able to Reiner together, nevertheless the several realize that Reiner themselves has been overwhelmed. Pieck and you can Jean are almost killed, but they are saved of the intervention off Porco and Marcel Galliard’s Chin Titans. Pieck converts once again and you will meets the girl resurrected comrades in the holding out of the remainder hostile Titans while Jean finally are at Eren’s nape and you can destroys they. Falco’s flying Jaw Titan arrives to help you recover the group and you will Pieck convinces Jean to depart Reiner at the rear of to ensure Eren doesn’t regenerate ahead of Armin converts. [72]

The team yields milfaholic so you’re able to Fort Salta, where Pieck is able to return with her father. The main cause begins emitting cigarette smoking toward the base out of Fort Salta and you may Pieck was horrified understand out of Levi the cigarette smoking is going to turn the newest Eldians present on the pure Titans. Grief-affected, Pieck joins Mikasa and you will Levi on board Falco since this lady dad and you will companions are switched. Pieck is offered the task from providing Reiner steer clear of the origin out-of to Eren if you are Mikasa and Levi participate Eren personally having Armin. She symptoms the reason truly, but is quickly weighed down from the armed forces out-of sheer Titans collectively which have Reiner and you will Annie. [73]

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